Will-microwave-kill-spoiled-food, yes, microwaves and heat can kill many different kinds of germs that grow on food and other items. germs that cause meat to spoil can only be killed via heat for a short period of time.. Microwaves destroy breast milk and vitamin b-12. the health benefits of vitamin b-12 are instantly negated once heated in a microwave. in a study published in the journal of agricultural and food chemistry, researchers decided to examine the effects of microwave heating on the loss of vitamin b-12 in foods like raw beef, pork, and milk.the results of the study show there was a 30 to 40 percent ..., it is not true at all. the fact is, as you can learn from this article about microwaves cooking food from the inside out, it is heat that cooks your food in the microwave.if the food doesn’t get hot enough to kill all the bacteria, contaminated chicken, meat, or any other food could still make you sick. there is a reason why microwavable meals stress that the product should be heated up to a ....

Inside the microwave oven there is a magnetron that creates radio wave energy. these waves blast the foods in the compartment through what is called a wave guide. the microwaves bounce back and forth off the reflective metal interior, until they reach the food sitting on the inside of the food compartment., what happens if you cook spoiled chicken? dangers of cooking spoiled chicken while cooking spoiled chicken can destroy salmonella and e-coli, toxins will remain in the meat making bad chicken unsafe to eat. there are many diseases that you may get if you eat spoiled chicken. you can suffer from cramps and fever. you may […].

That'd depend on the exact microbes involved in making it unsafe (or, since you probably don't know, the short answer is "no"). there are basically two ways microbial growth makes food unsafe: either by the presence of the microbes themselves, or by toxins the microbes create., yes, microwave ovens, like conventional ovens, do kill bacteria and viruses. (provided you use sufficiently high and lengthy heating. generally about ten minutes at 180 degrees f. or so.).

As microwaves worked by exciting water molecules. is a long held myth of how microwave ovens work. please don't propagate this myth. a lot of what people say is microwave mythology., if you reheat food that was forgotten on the counter overnight or was left out all day, will it be safe to eat? two hours is the maximum time perishable foods should be at room temperature (one hour at temperatures 90 degrees f and higher). this includes the time they're on the table during your meal. just one bacterium, doubling every 20 minutes, can grow to over 2,097,152 bacteria in 7 hours ...

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