Fine Your Idea

Will-a-microwave-kill-bacteria-in-food, here’s the deal, microwaves don’t actually kill bacteria. the microwaves instead, create heat that is able to kill bacteria in foods. but microwaved foods can be cooked unevenly because of irregular shapes or differences in thickness. think about a solid frozen meal compared to reheating a soup or other liquids.. It is easy to see why people would think that cooking food in the microwave kills all the bacteria. it comes from the misconception that microwaving ‘irradiates’ food and so destroys any bacteria, along with all the nutrients. it is not true at all., improperly microwaving frozen foods can leave toxic bacteria alive - 10 million pounds of farm rich frozen food products like mini quesadillas and pizzas were recalled after a multistate e. coli outbreak..

The only caveat i have on this experiment is that the petri dishes should have been incubated at body temperature. fifty five years ago, i was working in a lab in which we worked regularly with e. coli (harmless strains).

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