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Why-was-the-microwave-oven-invented, in 1946, raytheon unveiled its new radarange microwave oven, a new use for the company’s magnetron tubes. the prototype shown here was called the raydarange. as world war ii came to an end, so did the market for the magnetron tubes that had been used to generate microwaves for short-range military radar.. The microwave oven was invented at the end of world war ii. yet it took awhile for them to catch on. at first they were too big and expensive, and people didn't trust them because of the radiation..., the microwave has evolved into one of the most popular household appliances in the world, but few people know that it was invented entirely by accident. in 1945, percy spencer, an american....

The microwave oven was invented as an accidental by-product of war-time (world war 2) radar research using magnetrons (vacuum tubes that produce microwave radiation, a type of electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength between 1 mm and 30 cm)., microwave oven was invented by accident. or not, because there were people who already knew what microwaves could do. only one man asked himself what can be done with these microwaves and how they can serve in peace..

Percy spencer invented the microwave oven. he was employed at raytheon in 1941 and working with magnetron. in 1945 he was standing by an operating magnetron and the chocolate bar in his pocket melted. he decided to test eggs and then popcorn, and this resulted in popcorn popping all over the room., why was the microwave oven invented? asked by wiki user. answer. top answer. wiki user answered . 2012-04-06 16:26:02 2012-04-06 16:26:02. so they wouldn't have to used so much heat or energy i .... Today i found out the microwave oven was invented by accident by a man who was orphaned and never finished grammar school.. the man was percy spencer. at the age of just 18 months old, spencer’s father died and his mother soon left him to his aunt and uncle., ive been looking online but i cant seem to find the answer or im just too lazy to read a 200 hundred word text. still they tell where, when, how but not why!!! please reply and thanks :).

History of microwave

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