Fine Your Idea

Why-let-food-sit-in-microwave, always. unless you're cooking something crispy. while heating moist food, sprinkle few drops of water into the dish; cover with anything opaque such a kitchen paper or towel; then once the timer ends, let it stand for 2–5 beeps. 5 beeps are mostly.... Food in the microwave is cooked from the inside out instead of vise versa on a stove. letting the food sit in the microwave allows the moisture back into the food so it doesn't come out dry. that..., it's important to let it stand to complete the cooking process, since microwaves heat penetrate only the outer part of the food. (even after cooking in a conventional oven, you do the same thing with roasts and turkeys, cooks call it "resting".).

How do microwaves cook food? what are power levels? do microwaves cook food from the inside out? do microwaves cook food safely? what is "standing time"?

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