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Why-is-my-microwave-taking-longer-to-heat-food, make sure that there are no air obstructions around the microwave case. magnetron tubes generate heat which must be removed by air flow. if the heat is not removed, the magnetron tube will cycle off and stop cooking. the tube will cycle on after it has cooled.. Still the most efficient way to generate power at 2.45ghz, the magnetron, a vacuum tube, is used in all microwave ovens. as with any other vacuum tube, its cathode slowly wears out, and emits fewer electrons. this reduces the power output. it is just as if you used a lower power setting - cooking takes longer., my microwave takes much longer to heat things up - answered by a verified appliance technician.

Why microwave takes twice as long to heat now? we have a panasonic 1300 watt high power microwave. it is now taking much longer to heat and cook as before. could it be a fuse? or what? thanks., get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! i have a sharp carousel 2 model r-1400a. microwave . it seems to take a long time to heat up food. could the problem be a weak magnatron or what else could cause this condition? can i access the parts from the front of machine or will i have to take it off the wall.what are the trouble shooting tips i need to know.thanks.

Bought a house with a kems307gbl0 microwave / oven combo. initially, worked great. now the microwave takes forever to heat anything.. 5-6 minutes for popcorn (was 2.x minutes before), heat a slice of pizza 2-3 minutes (was <1 minute)., i have a smeg convection oven that i bought last year, cost about $600 if i remember. i think it was a smc30x 900w. now, in all honestly, it is not very good. i.

The easiest way to determine whether your microwave is failing is to try to heat a food item. if the microwave doesn’t heat, or it heats more slowly than it should, this indicates that it is ..., because air is a good insulator the thing that limits how fast a normal oven can heat something up is basically how fast the energy is transferred from the hot air to your food. the oven is powerful enough to keep the air hot, so adding another cake will not slow it down much. a microwave on the other hand is very efficient at transferring energy from the magnetron (the thing.

A microwave that does not heat up may have a broken magnetron. this is the part that makes the heat to cook the food. if it is broken, it may blow a fuse in your microwave which could lead to other components failing.

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