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Why-is-my-microwave-not-heating, the most likely reason why your microwave is not heating up is either the magnetron is damaged or the components that power the magnetron are damaged. mangetron assembly is the device that generates the microwave heat. so if you are sitting there and wondering why is my microwave not heating up, then the short guide here will help.. When your microwave turns on but does not heat up, it may mean the door switch is broken. the door switch signals other microwave components to supply power when closed, and to stop heating when open. the door switch can also be called an interlock switch., if your microwave is heating at a low level, or heats sporadically and then stops, there could be a problem with the magnetron. this is one of the key parts in a microwave since it is the one that produces the heat that cooks your food. problems with a magnetron can occur with age, a faulty switch, or a blown fuse..

When a microwave is working properly, it will only begin heating after these door switches are triggered in a certain sequence. if one of these switches isn’t working, the microwave will not heat. the magnetron has burnt out. the magnetron is a critical feature of the microwave heating function., problem – you attempt use your microwave and instead of heating your food it just makes a buzzing noise. it is likely that it has a defective capacitor. a capacitor is a device that stores electricity. a microwave oven usually has a high-voltage capacitor that is central to the operation of the unit..

If your microwave oven doesn’t heat, you may have a problem with the magnetron. this component is part of the high voltage circuit and provides the microwaves that generate the heat. if the magnetron is defective, the unit may blow a fuse, or you may still have all other functions operating normally., new well explained video here if your microwave works, has power and timer runs but there is no heating, the most common problem...

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