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Why-does-microwave-heated-food-taste-different, one point that a lot of people seem to be overlooking is that microwaves are frequently used for re-heating left-overs, whereas ovens and stoves are typically used for cooking something the first time. regardless of the heating method used, your food isn't going to taste as good the second time it's been cooked.. Does food cooked in a microwave oven taste as good as food cooked in a conventional oven? no, it does not, according to two american chemists. helen yeo and takayuki shibamoto of the university of ..., overheated water results in bad tea, too—and this is also easier to do in a microwave than in a kettle, since there’s no mechanism to indicate when the water has reached a boil..

All of these answers have much truth to them but i think the biggest difference is that is is difficult to brown things in a microwave. or by the time they do start browning they are burning. microwaves do heat by exciting the water molecules in..., texture. the chinese believe there are five aspects to cooking: color, aroma, taste, meaning, and finally texture. in western cuisine texture is an afterthought, but it's a primary component in chinese cooking and you can see why when you compare ....

Continued medication. prescription drugs can affect how your taste buds pick up flavors. or they could put different chemicals into your saliva.. your taste and smell may go wrong if you’re ..., cooking is the art of blending flavors. an oven will slow roast food by heat exchange (the food absorbs the surrounding heat), and gives the juices and flavors time to mingle.. Research into why reheating this humble drink is pretty much nonexistent, but it most likely has to do with our sense of smell. humans aren't great at separating our gustatory (taste) and olfactory (smell) responses, and coffee has aromas and flavors that hit all five of the tastes that can be picked up by your tongue: sweet, salty, bitter, sour and savory.

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