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Why-does-microwave-food-taste-different, one point that a lot of people seem to be overlooking is that microwaves are frequently used for re-heating left-overs, whereas ovens and stoves are typically used for cooking something the first time. regardless of the heating method used, your food isn't going to taste as good the second time it's been cooked.. Irradiation does not provide the right conditions for the chemical reactions which help a full flavour to develop (trends in food science and technology, december 1991, p 329). the key to much of..., microwaves get a bad rap for making everything taste like cardboard, zapping all nutrition from your food, and emitting dangerous energy waves, but let's be fair..

Microwaves work by heating up the water in foods, not actually the foods themselves. heat is transferred from the water to the rest of the food., all of these answers have much truth to them but i think the biggest difference is that is is difficult to brown things in a microwave. or by the time they do start browning they are burning. microwaves do heat by exciting the water molecules in.... Since it's usually better tasting and more flavorable with some grilling or browning, meat isn't the best thing to cook in a microwave. for reheating already cooked beef, chicken, or fish, i don't think it tastes any better or worse., cooking is the art of blending flavors. an oven will slow roast food by heat exchange (the food absorbs the surrounding heat), and gives the juices and flavors time to mingle..

Research into why reheating this humble drink is pretty much nonexistent, but it most likely has to do with our sense of smell. humans aren't great at separating our gustatory (taste) and olfactory (smell) responses, and coffee has aromas and flavors that hit all five of the tastes that can be picked up by your tongue: sweet, salty, bitter, sour and savory., the microwave actually heats the fat thats in the food by oscilating them around. think thast the word basically the fats aggitated by the micro wave's used. so yeah think of eating radiated fat. only reason i know this is cause my bro is a health fanatic.

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