Why-does-food-expl-ode-microwave, why does food explode in the microwave? in a youtube video, microwave expert sue snider explains that the mess in your microwave occurs when water in the food is heated rapidly, producing steam. when there’s no way for the steam to escape, an explosion takes place. these foods can explode. Melissa petruzzello is assistant editor of plant and environmental science and covers a range of content from plants, algae, and fungi, to renewable energy and environmental engineering. she has her m.s ..., to warm up food, microwave ovens use microwave radiation. by the way, regardless of what your grandma told you, this form of electromagnetic radiation is actually harmless..

When food is cooked or microwaved in a microwave the heat energy heats the molecules on the surface of the food as well as inside the food. the molecules on the surface expand and the energy is released outside but the molecules of food inside expand but cannot release the energy and hence explode., why foods explode in the microwave. microwaves function differently than other heat-inducing appliances: ovens and stovetops heat food from the outside in, but microwaves warm everything at the .... Sparks aside, other foods—particularly those that are round or have skin—can actually explode in the microwave. it’s something past research has shown happens because the inside gets heated ..., every form of cooking reduces the nutrient value of food. the main contributing factors are temperature, cooking time, and method. during boiling, water-soluble nutrients may leak out of the food..

Microwave - "food" appears in control panel display. some microwave models have a built-in 5-minute internal timer as a safety feature preventing the microwave from cooking without food inside, since doing so can cause the unit to overheat., i’m not sure whether you mean a microwave oven or microwaves. i’ve never seen a microwave oven burn food. it works by heating the moisture in the food, which means that the highest temperature it can attain is 100°. burning doesn’t occur until abo....

Questions about the safety of microwave ovens persist after 70+ years. is the radiation used by these ovens safe for humans? is it destroying the nutrients in our food? we asked three medical ...

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