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Whirlpool-crisp-and-grill-microwave-oven-recipes, our family tried out the 25l whirlpool crisp n’ grill microwave (gt 286) in racy red.. edited to add: unfortunately this particular model is no longer being stocked by the good guys. this decision was made by the good guys after i received this microwave to review and i apologise sincerely for the inconvenience. if they do restock the machine, i will certainly update this post.. 4 spanish omelette 44 sservingservings function: crisp preparation: 10 min. cooking time: 15 – 18 min.for medium and large crisp plate and 12 – 14 min.for small crisp plate 1. preheat the crisp plate with butter or oil for 2½ - 3, i use baking paper in the oven for roast vegetables etc. but never thought of using on the crisp plate. i roast vegetables in bulk ( a very large family sized dish of potato, pumpkin, onion and kumara) and then freeze in meal sized portions..

Whirlpool documents, whirlpool has developed a new range of crisp n grill microwave ovens that allow you to make everything from crispy fries, to baking a cake, roasting a chicken and delivering oven quality, healthy results in a fraction of the time it would take in a traditional oven.. Sweet and sour zucchini with pine nuts, mint and dried tomatoes -, whirlpool crispfry technology. the exclusive crisp function is designed to perfectly golden brown the top and bottom of your favourite dishes. with the combination of microwave and grill functionality, the right temperature is rapidly reached so the crisping can begin..

25l crisp n’ grill black microwave gt2861x. a chameleon in the kitchen, this crisp n’ grill 25l microwave oven is a 700w microwave, 900w grill and converts to a steamer with the help of included steamer accessories., crisp n’ grill convection fan forced 31l microwave jt479ix. the crisp n’ grill 31l microwave with convection function is the perfect blend of microwave and fan forced oven.

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