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What-to-use-to-clean-microwave-oven, to target your microwave's interior – turntable included — follow this step-by-step: combine 1 cup water and lemon, lime, or orange slices (squeeze juice from the fruit slices into the water) into.... Wipe down the inside of the oven immediately with nail polish remover to clear off burnt spots. rinse off the acetone with a clean, damp cloth. spray inside the microwave with a plant-based all purpose cleaner, and let it sit for 3 minutes. wipe off the cleaner with a fresh, damp cloth., pour one cup of white vinegar into a microwave-safe bowl or measuring cup, along with one cup of warm water. place the cup or bowl into your microwave, then place a wooden spoon into the liquid. (this step helps ensure that your vinegar and hot water mixture won’t get overheated and accidentally explode..

Step 1 – fill a microwave-safe bowl with one cup of water and 1/4 cup of white vinegar. if you don’t have vinegar handy, you can substitute one teaspoon of dish soap. step 2 – let the solution cook..., using soap will help to degrease a microwave, but don't use harsh or abrasive soaps or detergents to clean the inside of your microwave. if food has cooked on to the interior, soften the food before cleaning by following these steps: place one cup of water in a bowl inside your microwave. cook the water for three minutes..

If your microwave is a mess, here's a very simple trick that will help you get rid of all the sticky dirt no matter how old it is—in just minutes and with no...

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