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What-is-magnetron-in-microwave-oven, generally, the microwave converts the electric energy into the microwave with the help of a magnetron. this magnetron is a vacuum tube with a cathode rod at the center surrounded by a hollow anode rode with cavities in it. on the pass of electricity, the electrons heat up the cathode rod. the heated cathode rod excites the electrons to the anode.. 1940s: american engineer percy spencer accidentally discovers that microwaves produced by a magnetron have enough power to heat and cook food. he patents the microwave oven in the 1950s., magnetron from a microwave oven with magnet in its mounting box. the horizontal plates form a heat sink, cooled by airflow from a fan. the magnetic field is produced by two powerful ring magnets, the lower of which is just visible. almost all modern oven magnetrons are of similar layout and appearance..

Use our step-by-step microwave repair guide to learn how to test your magnetron. once you have diagnosed the problem we have the oem replacement magnetron that fits your appliance.. note: before you test this component, make sure your microwave is unplugged, and that you have discharged the capacitor. there are two tests to conduct in order to determine whether or not a magnetron has become ..., microwave parts to power up your microwave oven. microwave parts are available to replace items that are faulty, and also to enhance your microwave oven cooking experience.

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