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What-happens-to-food-in-the-microwave, all an oven does is to transfer energy to your food in the same way convection, conduction, sound or light waves would. the heating or cooking in the microwave affects the nutrients no more than the conventional way of cooking would do. the only way you can destroy the nutrients in your food is by methods like overcooking.. Microwaves are not safe devices to use. using a microwave to heat up food results in the loss of nutrients and the creation of cancer-causing nutrients., when absorption of microwave energy interacts with molecules in food, heat is generated and the food is cooked (think of rubbing your hands together really fast). the source of radiation in a microwave oven is the magnetron tube, which converts an electric current to electromagnetic radiation..

Favourite answer it can cause damage to the magnetron, the device that creates the microwaves. if there is no load (food, water, etc.) in the oven cavity while it is running then the microwave..., microwaves heat food by causing water molecules to vibrate 2.5 billion times per second, eventually turning to steam that heats your food. while your microwave can rapidly heat a dish, it also alters the food's chemical structure. structures of the water molecules are torn apart and forcefully deformed..

How a microwave oven works bill details how a microwave oven heats food. he describes how the microwave vacuum tube, called a magnetron, generates radio frequencies that cause the water in food to rotate back and forth. he shows the standing wave inside the oven, and notes how you can measure the wavelength with melted cheese., don't they know what happens to food in the microwave. if you don't care than you can keep coming to this place, but i know i won't come back. useful. funny 1. cool. elishia v. gilroy, ca. 52 friends. 28 reviews. 23 photos. share review. embed review. 4/8/2019. we don't come here often enough! the bagels are great, i normally get a plain bagel ....

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