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Warm-cat-food-in-microwave, never microwave any pet food. microwaves cause the fat molecules to radically change, making fats less digestible, and ultimately, they can become harmful to your pet’s long-term health. we do not recommend cooking our foods. cooking foods in .... Hi marie, i really like this question. i’m always amazed at the strange misinformation we hear about out there. there is no harm in feeding cat food that has been saved or stored in the fridge. just think about it, our food is stored in the fridge and often reheated in the microwave. it is […], my cat is a spoiled brat and likes her wet food heated. :) i usually give her about half a can and put the other half in the fridge since she usually eats dry food. when i give her the rest, i put it in her microwave-safe bowl and microwave it for 8 seconds..

It's okay to warm up the cat food in the microwave, but it's really not necessary. cats don't rationalize like we do, she won't be eating it thinking, "this food is too cold, i would like it better..., if you feed your cat canned food, you have probably stored uneaten portions of cat food in your refrigerator. in fact, there are re-usable cat food can covers made just for this purpose..

Never, think about it. cats are natural carnivores and hunters, look at their big feline comparisons out in the wild. they catch their prey and eat while it's still warm ., i need to find out if i am shirking my responsibilities as a cat mom. belina is the only my second cat and the first one who eats wet food. i've read that refrigerated canned food should be heated up in the microwave..

Sheila farnsworth, irvine. a: it is recommended that you not substitute cow’s milk for canine milk because most dogs do not have the ability to tolerate or digest the proteins in cow’s milk., the microwave is one of the most famous appliances in the world, not only because it helps to heat up food in seconds, but because it also can cook some meals in water. however, there are some foods you should know about that you shouldn’t heat up in the microwave.

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