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Tips-to-use-microwave-oven, clean the microwave once a week. use a damp cloth to wipe down the inside of the microwave well. remove bits of food in the microwave by using a natural cleaner like baking soda and water. you can also combine water and mild dish soap to clean the microwave.. 10 tips of using microwave . except quickly heating the food, microwave has its max potential function. today, we would like to share those tips and tricks to assure you put radio waves to good application. 1.clean stink dish sponge., a microwave cooks by creating heat in the food so it's important you let the food rest for a while after you're done cooking. allow the heat to transfer through and through and let the temperature....

Tips to keep in mind while cooking in the microwave: - read the directions for your microwave oven and learn to use full power (100 percent), medium (50-75 percent) and low (10-20 percent)., reheating or cooking food in the microwave does not have to mean dry, bland meals at home. chris monroe / cnet. last summer i lived through a kitchen renovation, which meant that my husband and i could only cook with a microwave..

Microwave ovens integrate a lot of handy features, which are increasingly used in families. however, not everyone knows how to use a microwave to buy it properly., how to use a convection microwave | oven series | cakes and more | baking for beginners - duration: 9:54. cakes and more! baking for beginners recommended for you. Nowadays, a microwave oven has become an essential kitchen gadget. they save your time ultimately and leave the food hot and delicious all the time. manufacturers now have provided these ovens with lot more features than before. many pre-programmed shortcut keys and other convenience features have come up. some may use microwave oven only for heating and melting foods. in that case, go for an ..., advertisements microwave oven cooking: microwave oven is the one of the latest invention that made human’s life easier (especially the ladies). as is focused on bringing useful urdu tips day by day. this week our team with zobia, shazia and sabahat has focused about the cooking tips in microwave oven. microwave energy: how microwaveread more

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