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Strie-painting-on-living-room-accent-wall, jan 1, 2020 - strie painting on living room accent wall. Does your living room need a fresh look? are you thinking about painting your living room but don’t want to go with the same, boring solid walls of solid color?. don’t worry – there are many creative and out-of-the-box ways to approach your living room painting project.and we’ve gathered up a few stylish and fun living room painting ideas you can try yourself., ombre walls. an ombre wall adds a gradient color that can make your accent wall look like a sunrise, water or even animal fur. “perhaps this is why ombre effects have gained such popularity—infiltrating the design world, popping up on everything from walls, to clothing, furnishings and art pieces,” according to behr paints. after you clean and prep your wall, you’ll need to determine ....

Jan 2, 2013 - faux strie wall in master bedroom in darker gray and silver metallic, with plenty of accent paints available, chalkboard paint is one that offers an extra dose of fun. cover one wall with the paint to give you full reign to change the design any time you want—making it an ideal choice for kids’ rooms or a home office..

Faux paintings have recently become a very popular interior decoration trend. the wall paper trend took a backseat in the 1990’s and thus people began to paint their walls with faux finish paints. you can completely transform your homes by using faux paints on walls., faux finish painting is a technique that creates texture and nuance by replicating the look or feel of other surfaces, such as striped wallpaper, suede or marble. while it takes some patience and creativity to successfully complete a faux finish project, the results will convince you that the work and amount of time spent were worth it. here are a few of the most common faux techniques..

If you feel like your design has grown stale or outdated and could use a refresher, look no further than your walls. with the seemingly endless list of creative painting techniques available today, it’s easy to completely transform the look of your room without adding clutter via extra decor or encroaching on your square footage., when does a house become a home? arguably, you will find that your house becomes more welcoming when the rooms you will soon inhabit become a place of comfort and familiarity. so, when your walls greet you with blank colors, you may want to find a way to give your living room more life. giving […]

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