Reverse-microwave-that-cools-food-and-drinks, a product of enviro-cool limited, v-tex is an environmentally-friendly, efficient system that cools beverages in a matter of seconds. from wine bottles to soda cans, the unit is able to chill .... A machine that rapidly chills packaged drinks is on show at the ces tech expo. the start-up involved hopes to launch juno later this year to cool cans and bottles of drink at point of use, meaning ..., 'reverse microwave oven' quickly cools drink cans jump to media player the device rapidly chills packaged drinks meaning they do not need to be refrigerated before use.. Microwaves work by using radiation of a specific frequency to excite the water molecules in the food, rather like pushing a swing at a particular timing or making a glass vibrate by singing a ..., an amazing 'reverse microwave' that can chill a beer, bottle of wine or soft drink in seconds has been unveiled at ces 2020. the juno has been developed by california-based matrix industries ....

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide that has a surface temperature of -78.5°c (-109.3°f). as it breaks down, it turns into carbon dioxide gas rather than a liquid and this can be used to keep food ..., 'reverse microwave' can chill wine bottles and fizzy drink cans in 45 seconds. a reverse microwave has been created which can chill any drink in a matter of seconds.

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