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Reverse-microwave-oven, unveiled at the ces technology expo in las vegas, the juno ‘reverse microwave oven’ cools drinks in seconds. the start-up involved hopes to launch juno later this year to cool cans and bottles of drink at point of use, meaning they do not need to be stored in refrigerators in advance.. 'reverse microwave oven' quickly cools drink cans jump to media player the device rapidly chills packaged drinks meaning they do not need to be refrigerated before use., 'reverse microwave oven' cools drinks in seconds duration: 02:12 7/1/2020 the device rapidly chills packaged drinks meaning they do not need to be refrigerated before use..

Aiming a ball so as to slow or even restack scattered bowling pins calls for considerably more finesse, but this is the equivalent of using the microwave oven in reverse. for dilute atomic samples..., the invention of the microwave revolutionised cooking but now a 'reverse-microwave' does the opposite, it can chill a drink in 45 seconds.. R/gadgets: from vintage gadgetry to the latest and greatest, /r/gadgets is all about discussing, reviewing, and enjoying gadgets., an amazing 'reverse microwave' that can chill a beer, bottle of wine or soft drink in seconds has been unveiled at ces 2020. the juno has been developed by california-based matrix industries, which....

Ice cubes could be a thing of the past after the invention of a new gadget that can chill drinks in a matter of seconds. known as v-tex, the product is being billed as a “reverse-microwave…, unfortunately, you can’t simply wire up a microwave oven backwards and suck the heat from an object. in fact, despite the pr spin about “rankine vortices”, this device is remarkably unremarkable in.... Robert mckechnie, manager of new product development for electrolux and frigidaire, told me that microwave ovens were originally designed to match side-open ovens, which were hinged on the left for ease of use by right-handed cooks. the tradition stuck around even with countertop and over-the-range models.

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