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Reuse-microwave-food-trays, no. black plastic trays are not recyclable for a couple of reasons: (1) black items cannot be sensed by the optical sorters most modern recycling centers use to separate plastics from other items, and (2) most plastic recyclers can’t use and don’t want black plastic.. Favela flav dec 24, 2009: to preface this, id like to make the disclaimer that i love food and cooking.. this kinda came to me as a roundabout way of necessity., a pal recently told me how her girlfriend used up her leftovers. she'd collect microwave dinner trays. when she'd have something leftover from a meal, she'd put a single serving of the leftovers in these containers..

The definitive answer. it’s safe to say that it’s ok to use glass containers over and over—plus, good on you for recycling! reusing plastic, though, is a lot tougher and requires a little bit of investigation and a lot of consideration, especially if you want to pop it in the microwave., these cool new stoneware tv dinner trays are nostalgic tv dinner tray-shaped stoneware plates that keep your servings neatly separated while you gather around the television to enjoy your dinner and binge through a few shows. these fun reusable trays come in a set of two and are microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe.

If you are talking about the trays you get with meals that can be purchased in the freezer section of the grocery store, i would say on the whole that reusing them is not a good idea. the plastic that they are made of isn’t particularly safe for r..., is the fleet of plastic containers in your fridge putting your health at risk? (photo: getty images/steven puetzer) between sturdy take-out boxes, margarine tubs, and inexpensive plastic ....

The evidence is mounting that plastic food containers are bad for our health. the two key culprits are the man-made chemicals phthalates and bisphenol a (bpa), which are often added to plastic to ..., looking for more information on microwave safe containers? here are the key characteristics of microwave safe plates, bowls, and containers.. It says not to, i was wondering if anyone had tried it. i want to freeze a meal and then cook it later in the same container.

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