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Remove-food-odors-from-microwave, step 2: remove and reuse deodorizer let it absorb odors overnight and remove in the morning. while you shouldn’t use the same baking soda to cook afterwards, you should still be able to use it to clean.. Ovens allows us to cook food quickly without problem and even we don’t need to reheat is quick and convenient, but many times we misuse it which causes different problems like unpleasant or bad smells. if you are in this situation and want to remove bad smells from your microwave then keep reading this post., microwaves tend to absorb the smells of the foods that you cook in them, especially if something burns. over time, this can lead to some pretty unpleasant odors. the best way to get rid of these is to give your microwave a thorough cleaning with white vinegar..

Learn how to remove burnt food smell from microwave with these easy cleaning tips. burnt popcorn is no match for a baking soda and vinegar cleaning solution. come find out the best methods to use to eliminate even the strongest of odors inside your microwave. #microvave #burn #odor #smell #cleaning, mix a cup with vinegar and water, half of each. place the mixture inside the oven and heat for several minutes. this heating process will help remove all the stains, smell, or other gunk that might be hard to remove from the microwave. alternatively, you can choose to use several lemon slices with one and a half cups of water..

Close the microwave and leave the container inside for 20 minutes.the mixture will release steam which will help to remove bad smells from your microwave. the vinegar and lemon work together really well as the vinegar is a deodoriser (breaking down the bad smells in your microwave) whilst lemon is the fragrance which will leave it smelling fresh.

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