Fine Your Idea

Reheating-food-in-microwave-twice, the truth is though, most leftovers can be reheated in the microwave twice. for some foods, you may have to make a few minor adjustments to get the results you want. soups, stews, and other foods with a high water content should reheat quite nicely in the microwave, even when reheated more than once.. I was a cook for 2 years, and as a general rule once food has been prepared you should let it cool down and microwave it once and that is it. i am not sure if that is just to cover the restraunts back., at a time when reducing food waste is a hot topic and batch cooking is proof that you’ve got your life together, reheating leftovers may seem like a sensible move, and budget-friendly, too. but ....

The reason you want to avoid reheating food multiple times (heat, freeze, heat, freeze and so on) is less about health reasons (ie bacteria growth and spoilage) and more because the food quality deteriorates (generally) each time of the heating. level 1 bc2zb biochemist | home enthusiast 17 points · 3 years ago

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