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Reheating-chinese-food-in-the-microwave, any food that’s crisp on the outside, like breaded chicken, shouldn’t be reheated in the microwave because its intense heat will turn the crispy food soggy. some chinese that can be reheated well in the microwave are soups, stews, stir-fries, steamed vegetables, and noodles.. Reheating rice and noodles 1 place the rice or noodles into a microwave-safe dish. this method works for white rice, fried rice, and lo mein., luckily, reheating takeout isn't rocket science. instead of dumping everything into the microwave, go for the stovetop. if you heat your general tso's chicken or your shrimp lo mein over a pan with some oil, you're saving the texture. you can even get fancy and season it with some soy sauce (via tasting table)..

Hence, microwaving is not recommended for crispy foods such as breaded chicken. it works best though for other chinese foods including stir-fries, steamed vegetables, noodles, soups and stews. place your leftover in a microwave-safe container. spread the food out evenly then cover with a damp paper towel., heat the pan on low with the oil (or water) and slowly stir the contents of your takeout container into the pan. step 3 becky wentworth. add about a cup of water little by little..

Microwave your container of chinese food for 1 minute without a lid. stir the contents after 1 minute and turn over any large pieces of meat or dumplings. return the container to the microwave and heat the food for another minute. check the temperature in the center of the food; when it reaches 165 degrees fahrenheit, it's ready., so you ordered too much chinese food again, and there are a few take-out containers lurking in your fridge. we like cold lo mein as much as the next guy, but if you want to reheat your dinner ....

I'm reheating chinese food in the microwave oven while watching television. tomorrow is only minutes away. time moves forward. i look back at the past as i look forward to the future. with luck, the future will be a positive one. i ask myself if the contributions that i make to the world is a positive one., using the oven to reheat chinese food may take longer, but the even heating source may cook your leftovers to the right temperature without overcooking.. Reheating a takeaway (or if you’re american, take-out) may seem like a good idea at the end of a hard day – but many of us have learnt that there can be a heavy price to pay.

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