Principle-of-microwave-heating-and-its-application-in-food-processing, electromagnetics microwave heating the microwave heating principle. microwave heating is a multiphysics phenomenon that involves electromagnetic waves and heat transfer; any material that is exposed to electromagnetic radiation will be heated up.. Microwave heating principles [2] where pav is the average power, ω the frequency of radiation, εo the permittivity of free space, e the electric field strength and e* the conjugate of the electric field strength.this equation shows that greater electric field strengths are required at lower frequencies to obtain the same power, the usage of microwave heating for food processing is continuously developing globally. shorter processing time, high energy efficiency and faster heating are the main advantages that the ....

In this chapter an overview of microwave heating as one method of thermal food processing is presented. due to the limited space, this overview cannot be complete; instead some important theoretical information and also examples of practical uses at home and in industry are shown., abstract. this paper reviews an overview of microwave heating as one method of thermal food processing. the higher standard of living and soaring income of consumers have lead for the demand for the modern food processing application.. Volume 36 issue 1 (2017) 39 sterilization is a more severe thermal treatment of foods. the sterilization is recognized as a thermal process sufficient to eliminate toxin-producing c. botulinum from the food, make the food commercially sterile if adequately, 1. introduction. microwave heating has vast applications in the field of food processing over a period of several decades. the applications of microwave heating in food processing include drying, pasteurization, sterilization, thawing, tempering, baking of food materials etc. (gupta and wong, 2007, metaxas and meredith, 1983).microwave heating has gained popularity in food processing due to ....

Dielectric heating, also known as electronic heating, radio frequency heating, and high-frequency heating, is the process in which a radio frequency (rf) alternating electric field, or radio wave or microwave electromagnetic radiation heats a dielectric material. at higher frequencies, this heating is caused by molecular dipole rotation within the dielectric., radio frequency (rf) heating is an advanced and emerging technology for food application because of its higher penetration depth, heat distribution and low energy consumption..

The invention of ways to cook food and use fire had played a great role in the evolution of human beings. we have learned to use fire to cook, to melt metals, for production processes in industries, etc.but the greatest breakthrough came when we invented ways to do the same things without using fire.

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