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Pottery-barn-lunch-box-ice-packs, shop ice pack from pottery barn kids. find expertly crafted kids and baby furniture, decor and accessories, including a variety of ice pack.. Find stylish and colorful kids’ lunch bags that children need at pottery barn kids. shop + get free shipping on girls’ & boys’ lunch bags made with durable fabrics and innovative features., keep your lunch cool and crisp with a perfectly sized and stylish ice pack. • 4.75" wide x 5" deep x 1" high • made of printed durable 600-denier polyester.. There’s no two ways about it, back-to-school shopping is an expensive endeavor. between new clothes, covering this year’s school supply list, and the fact that no kid is about to carry last school year’s backpack into a new grade without a fight, the costs of getting them back into a classroom rack up quick. you gotta take advantage of the sales where you can., so young lunch bags. we’ve had one of these eco-friendly (and easy to wipe clean) bags for years. it fits an easy lunchbox perfectly (with room for an ice pack) or an omiebox. or, you could do an easy lunchboxes snack box and a drink inside. it has two handle options, comes in a wide range of cute designs, and is super durable..

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