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Palkova-in-microwave-oven, palkova is a south indian sweet made from milk. this microwave palkova is a shortcut method using milk powder instead of boiling milk for hours.. Take a microwave safe bowl and add condensed milk & yogurt. mix well & microwave for 2 mins, stirring it frequently. it will be just watery as u can see in the pic below. microwave for another minute., recipes for palkova in microwave oven in search engine - all similar recipes for palkova in microwave oven. find a proven recipe from tasty query!. Palkova in microwave oven. how to make palkova in microwave video. palkova recipe microwave. microwave palkova. palkova with condensed milk microwave. microwave palkova with milk powder. easy palkova recipe microwave condensed milk palkova. microwave palkova recipe. palkova recipe using microwave., milk khova using microwave oven.

In a big deep glass vessel or any deep microwave vessel, add all the ingredients except cardamom powder and cashew nuts and mix them thoroughly. cook them on high in microwave for about 5-6 minutes. open the microwave and stir them on all sides. continue the process for another 3 to 4 times.

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