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Neff-built-in-microwave-combination-oven, n 50 built-in microwave oven 60 cm black hlagd53n0b a must for any household - a built-in microwave designed to coordinate with n50 ovens side-opening hinged door - a smart twist for the elevated installation.. 45 cm high built-in combination microwave for defrosting, reheating or preparation of dishes., the neff c17mr02n0b integrated microwave combination oven features a range of heating methods and automatic programmes to make your cooking easier and more varied. enjoy more even cooking results with innowave technology, and choose from 5 different power levels ranging from 90w to 900w. 6 heating methods. 1+1=3; two ovens in one appliance and that's not all. this oven is a full multifunctional oven and a microwave oven. not only can you use this appliance as a regular oven or use it for the same dishes as you use your microwave oven, you can also combine both regular and microwave functions (combi mode), considerably reducing the cooking time., buy today with free delivery. find your neff combination microwaves. all the latest models and great deals on neff are on currys with next day delivery..

Product information this 900 w neff n70 c17mr02n0b built-in combination microwave gives you the convenience of a high-powered microwave with oven and grilling functions, allowing you to prepare all kinds of meals in one appliance., page 1 dear customer, you have decided to purchase a new microwave oven from neff. we would like to thank you for your confidence in us and we hope that you will have many years of enjoyment and cooking pleasure with your new appliance at the heart of your kitchen..

Consultant chef simon smith reviews the neff c17mr02n0b compact oven and microwave for cookersandovens. click below for a full specification: http://www.cook..., user manuals for your neff appliance. our manuals provide you with useful details for setting up and using your neff appliance.

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