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My-microwave-is-not-heating-anymore, common solutions for: microwave not heating 01 - diode the diode converts the a/c power output of the transformer to d/c, doubling the voltage to nearly 5,000 volts. this high voltage powers the magnetron to heat the food.. My first thought would be a blown magnetron. on microwaves, these can generally go dead, usually with a popping sound. i think there might also be a fuse in your microwave, but i do believe that if it was a blown fuse, your mw would not start up. the technician should also not forget the door switch since some of them can cause the same issue., my microwave is not heating anymore. it appears to work normally, it just won't heat up. and no, i didn't put a fork or any metal in there. thanks! sponsor see inside of your appliance - diagrams and part photos for virtually every model. powered by gene ....

Hi! my microwave is not heating anymore. it still works and turns on as normal but the food does not defrost or heat up when put in. not sure what the issue is as its only been out of the box for 4 weeks and we've been taking good care of it.

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