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Microwave-wet-cat-food, cats are already very picky about their food so if you offer cold food, the aromas will not be very strong and this may not stimulate your cat’s appetite. this is the reason why quickly heating it in the microwave is a good idea. it literally takes a few seconds and it will heat very rapidly.. My cat is a spoiled brat and likes her wet food heated. :) i usually give her about half a can and put the other half in the fridge since she usually eats dry food. when i give her the rest, i put it in her microwave-safe bowl and microwave it for 8 seconds., food that is in the microwave, even for just a few seconds, has the c, e and b -complex vitamins virtually destroyed and the essential trace minerals rendered useless. when you microwave your dogs’ and cats’ food so they can have a ‘nice warm meal’ you are doing them a disservice and damaging their health..

If you warm your cat’s food in the microwave, be sure to use a low setting and stir thoroughly to make sure there aren’t any spots that are too warm. remember, any open can of pet food stored in the refrigerator should be discarded within 2 – 3 days after opening., sheila farnsworth, irvine. a: it is recommended that you not substitute cow’s milk for canine milk because most dogs do not have the ability to tolerate or digest the proteins in cow’s milk..

I feed my cat friskies wet food and it is not heated in the microwave nor anywhere else. it is in the pantry until i feed her then it is put in her dish and given to her room temperature. i also have a friend who has had cats her entire 61 years of life and none of her cats ever had food heated before given to the cats. 03-25-2012, 03:17 pm, some cats dislike cold food, though, so you may need to put her canned food on a microwave-safe plate and warm it 3-5 seconds before serving. if your cat isn't particularly hungry, she may leave wet food scraps in her bowl or on her plate, which should be tossed after being out more than four hours..

We all want to feed our pets healthy, wholesome food. while keeping dry pet food fresh is mostly a matter of storing it properly in an appropriate sealed container, there are different considerations when it comes to canned pet food.. unopened, canned pet food is good to use until the “use by” or “best by” date marked on the can., microwave wet cat food and it will kill you and you will not notice the smell anymore.

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