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Microwave-timer-works-but-not-heating, your microwave may turn on but does not heat. remember the frying comment above, this is the part that will not just curl your hair, but will most certainly be a shocking experience. do not mess with it. the magnetron can be tested by setting an ohmmeter to its highest resistance scale.. New well explained video here if your microwave works, has power and timer runs but there is no heating, the most common problem..., disconnect the microwave from its power source. remove the microwave’s cabinet to locate the magnetron. clean up the microwave cavity if needed; discharge the high voltage capacitor to ensure that the high voltage diode is working and the mounting bolts are tightened..

A new and better video update for the previous one where i explain how to fix your microwave that works but doesn't heat. easiest fix you can find. follow th..., when your microwave doesn't heat or start, it's probably in demo mode. however, there are some other things that can cause the problem such as door errors, an issue with the control panel, the setting being used, or not enough clearance..

If your microwave oven doesn’t heat, you may have a problem with a door switch. the door switches, often referred to as interlock switches, provide power to the various components in the microwave when the door is in a closed position, and interrupt power when the door is open., when it fails, the timer still works, but the light, fan and turntable will not work. the failure also disables the magnetron. note that both of the relays on the control board switch the "neutral" side of the line, but that's no guarantee that they don't have 120v on them due to some other failure, since the neutral is floating..

Did the keypad respond and the microwave start? yes no; did the water heat after the test? yes no; if the keypad does not respond, it is possible that the child lock feature is active.. child lock is a safety feature used to lock the control panel when cleaning the microwave, so that children cannot use the microwave unsupervised., my ge microwave won't start heating. the clock and timer are working but when i push the start button othing - answered by a verified appliance technician.

I have a ge over-the-counter microwave oven that just stopped heating. when press start, i can hear a relay click, countdown timer works, light is on but the turn table doesn't spin and no...

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