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Microwave-time-to-oven-time, microwave cooking required one-fourth the time of conventional oven cooking. for example, if a recipe requires an hour of conventional cooking time, the microwave cooking time would decrease to 15 minutes.. For many foods, microwave cooking saves you time in preparing foods. it can cook many of your favorite foods in up to 75% less time than conventional gas or electric ranges. here are a few typical foods and a comparison chart of microwave and conventional cooking times: microwave cooking time. conventional cooking time. baked apple (1), some recipes convert easily from regular oven to microwave cooking time, while others will require you to vary the microwave cooking time until you find what works best. divide the provided regular oven cooking time by four. for example, if your regular cooking time is 40 minutes, divide 40 by 4 to get 10 minutes..

All time are approximate. this use of this service is at the user's own risk. we shall not be responsible for any loss, troubles and damages. this site is not responsible for the content of the linked sites., if you bake them in an oven at 400 degrees, it takes 45 minutes to one hour. in a microwave, it takes about 7 minutes. in a toaster oven, it would take 20 minutes. asked in microwave ovens.

For example, if you follow a microwave recipe or cooking instructions based on a 900 watt oven but you have a microwave which is rated at only 700 watts, an instruction saying cook for 10 minutes will not be long enough for your oven and will therefore leave your food undercooked.

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