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Microwave-strawberry-jam-good-food, strawberry jam, cooked in the microwave, is a quick and easy method of making homemade jam.. Combine all ingredients in a medium microwave-proof bowl. stir well and stand 5 minutes for juices to start to run from strawberries. microwave, uncovered on medium heat (50 percent) for 4 minutes, stirring half way through cooking time to dissolve sugar. make sure all the sugar crystals are dissolved at this stage., 1 toss berries with orange zest, lemon juice, sugar: place the quartered strawberries, orange zest, lemon juice, and sugar in a large microwave-safe bowl (at least 10 cup capacity) or 8-cup pyrex measuring cup. gently toss to combine so that the strawberries are well coated with the sugar. let sit for 30 minutes at room temp to macerate..

Directions. measure whole berries, sugar and lemon juice into a 16-cup microwave-safe bowl. stir well. let stand for 10 minutes. microwave, uncovered, on high for about 12 minutes, until mixture comes to a full roiling boil and boils for one minute., method hull and quarter strawberries. place in a large microwave-safe bowl; add juice. cook on high (100%) for 4 minutes.. A delicious strawberry jam made in the microwave using just 3 ingredients! look for fresh from florida strawberries in your local grocery store., combine strawberries, sugar and juice in a 3-litre (12-cup} microwave-safe bowl. microwave, uncovered on high (100%) for 4-5 minutes or until sugar has dissolved and strawberries are soft..

Put the strawberries in a bowl and gently toss through the sugar. leave uncovered at room temperature for 12 hrs or overnight. this process helps the sugar to dissolve, ensures the fruit doesn’t disintegrate too much and helps to keep its vibrant colour., a pot of homemade preserve always beats shop-bought. spread these fruity jams on hot buttered toast or give them away as gifts.

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