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Microwave-spam-food, if you have no other method of cooking it, then slice off 3/8″ to 1/4″ (the thickness is entirely up to you), simply pop it into the microwave and press the button. about 45 seconds to one minute should do it, depending upon the strength/power of .... If you're looking for new ways to use up that last can of spam, you've got lots of options. since spam is already cooked before it's packaged, you simply need to heat it up and add it to your meal. try stir-frying spam with eggs, rice, or..., cook time ready in yields; 10 min. 10 min. 1 can may be scrounged to feed one hungry person.

Spam is delicious. when seared, the fat crisps up, making the savory slice of meat a worthy swap-in for bacon and adding a salty note to a wide range of recipes., poll: whats the funniest/worst piece of spam you've ever received? experiment #95 - spam jory enjoys spam.... Prepare an easy appetizer or quick comfort food meal with these effortless recipes. try hundreds of recipes, like spam® casseroles and sandwiches., how to eat spam. spam is a canned meat product known around the world for its iconic blue label and endless versatility. since it's precooked, it can be enjoyed hot or cold, and makes a ready addition to any number of foods. try cooking up....

Ingredient checklist 1 (12 ounce) container fully cooked luncheon meat (e.g. spam), cubed 2 large eggs eggs, beaten

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