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Microwave-setting-to-reheat-food, even for people who love to cook, the microwave is a basic mealtime necessity. it can revive leftovers in minutes, but as anyone who as ever suffered through a dinner of soggy microwaved pizza can .... Microwave quick reheat feature. quick reheat offers a simple, fast way to reheat beverages and previously cooked food. there are three options to the quick reheat feature: beverage, dinner plate, code reheat, microwave auto reheat. auto reheat is designed for reheating precooked foods. it operates off the auto-cook humidity sensor. the ideal cooking temperatures for "reheat" are 150-160 degrees f.. A microwave is such a convenient appliance. you can easily pop just about any food item into it, set a good time and temperature, and within just a few minutes or less. it’s warm and ready to consume. but can you put any food into a microwave? the answer, as it turns out, is no. certain foods ..., 24 in. 1.2 cu. ft. 950w sharp stainless steel easy wave open microwave drawer oven (smd2480cs) sharp’s top-of-the-line microwave drawer tm features easy wave open for touchless operation. simply wave up-and-down near the motion sensor and microwave drawer will glide open..

Reheat pasta and sauce using a microwave-safe dish. flatten out the pasta so it has an even thickness, cover with plastic wrap, set the microwave to 50% power to avoid overcooking, and cook for ...

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