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Microwave-safe-reusable-food-cover, unwasted silicone stretch lids- set of 7 incl. exclusive xl size- reusable & versatile silicon covers- fits any container or bowl to keep food fresh- store & reheat- easy clean- bonus storage bag. 3. nordic ware microwave splatter cover. if you’re heating something small, the nordic ware microwave splatter cover is a great option. this 8” microwave cover provides a convenient cover for small bowls and plates, as well as microwaves that are unable to accommodate larger covers., tovolo vented collapsible microwave splatter proof food plate cover with easy grip handle dishwasher-safe, bpa-free silicone & plastic, 10.5" round, 10.5 inch, charcoal. What are silicone food covers? the perfect alternative to cling film, silicone food covers are the ideal replacement for single-use plastic wrap to seal dishes, bowls, cans, cups or fruit and vegetables. thanks to the natural power of suction, these super handy, stretchy wonders stick to virtually anything, creating an instant seal and turning a cup, a pot, a pan and even fresh produce into ..., q: at work, we're supposed to use plastic covers to keep the microwave clean.are they safe? a: microwave covers are inexpensive, and they're dishwasher-safe and reusable, which makes them even ....

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