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Microwave-puts-radiation-in-food, microwave oven manufacturers are required to certify and meet safety performance standards created and enforced by the fda to protect the public health.. Microwave ovens use pulses (50 or 60 per second) of electromagnetic waves from a magnetron to make molecules in the food vibrate, producing heat. microwave energy penetrates food quite effectively, heating it to a depth of about 1.5 inches. for the technically minded, this is how it works certain types of molecules in our food are polarised, that is they have an electrical charge, positive at ..., have you ever been worried about using your microwave oven because you’ve heard that it may harm you in some way? or that it may destroy the micro.

Microwaves are not safe devices to use. using a microwave to heat up food results in the loss of nutrients and the creation of cancer-causing nutrients., claim: microwaves shouldn’t be used to boil water status: partially true forget radiation burns, cancer and popcorn lung disease. the real dangers of microwave cooking are far more mundane, but .... Remember that when it comes to emf radiation, the inverse-square law tells us that as we double our distance from the source of emf radiation, we quarter our exposure to it. the more distance the better. as a general rule try to stay at least 5-10 feet away from your microwave while its running., another effect of microwaving on food is that it slightly reduces the vitamin content. again, however, this is an effect of heat, and is true in the case of conventional cooking as well. dr. d. zhang and colleagues note that any cooking method decreases vitamin content, with more destruction occurring the longer food is cooked..

Microwaves are a very common kitchen appliance used for convenience amongst so many people every day. however, with the convivence comes the risk of exposing yourself and those in your home to dangerous levels of emf radiation., electromagnetic radiation - electromagnetic radiation - microwaves: the microwave region extends from 1,000 to 300,000 mhz (or 30 cm to 1 mm wavelength). although microwaves were first produced and studied in 1886 by hertz, their practical application had to await the invention of suitable generators, such as the klystron and magnetron. microwaves are the principal carriers of high-speed data ...

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