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Microwave-plastic-warped-is-food-safe-to-eat, experts explain the potential health risks of microwaving food in plastic takeout containers and offer tips for safe microwave use.. Actually, evidently it is bad to eat them. the chemicals that seep into your food from heated plastic are bad. they won't make you ill or kill you after you eat the onion rings but it is very unhealthy to heat anything in plastic or even put hot food into plastic containers for storing., the good housekeeping research institute tested 31 containers, lids, bags, wraps, and liners. what we found was reassuring — but to really protect your family, there's more you need to know..

Mixing plastic and food: an urban legend? word about the dangers of microwaving your food in plastic containers is everywhere, but it may be time for a reality check., there are various type of plastics are available for our daily use. most of them are user friendly. you must notice which type of plastics you are using. it is true that some avoidable plastics causes cancer.. Hi, i recently ate some food that was heated in plastic container that was very warped when i took it out of the microwave. i read somewhere on the web that heating plastic containers with food (especially food with fat which i did have in there), can cause harmful toxins such as dioxins to leak into the food and cause cancer when you eat the food., as harvard medical school's harvard health publication explains, bpa is "plasticizer" used in the making of hard, clear's also found in some metal food cans. in 2012, the fda banned the use of bpa in baby bottles and drinking cups, but today allows for low exposure to the chemical in adults.before a product hits the market, the fda reviews it to make sure it meets standards for what ...

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