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Microwave-oven-transformer-uses, even if the microwave isn't plugged in. the transformer core is only held together by two very thin welds, as seen on the side of this one. a hacksaw, or angle grinder can be used to cut the weld, then a hammer and chisel used to break it open, giving you access to the primary and secondary coils. images via The microwave oven transformer is possibly one of the simplest methods of making some big high voltage arcs, mainly because they are robust, cheap, and easy to hook up. to the bottom left i have a picture of an mot. the mains input is two blade connectors on the primary coil (thick wire)., > subject: re: other uses for microwave oven transformers? thanks for the info. it goes beyond what came out in qst at the time and that was that production was going to end, period. there was no hint at all in the qst anouncement that there was even any possibility for continuation..

Now for the fun part! (not really it kind of sucks) step 1) take you microwave oven transformer and secure it tightly into a vice or onto a solid bench with clamps. then plug in your angle grinder or pick up your hacksaw (with proper safety gear of course) step 2) cut away the secondary windings, the large amount of thinner wire. and use whatever means necessary to just remove all of the ..., these transformers power 600-1200 watt microwave ovens but are they suitable for hobby or amateur use? the transformers are large and heavy, indicative of a high power capability. they consist of a primary winding normally about 117 volts ac, a high voltage winding of about 2000 volts and a filament winding about 3 volts..

Microwave ovens are often discarded because they are old and don’t match the look of your other kitchen appliances anymore. have no fear, there is a good use for these ovens. you can use the mot (microwave oven transformer) found inside for some high voltage fun or simply make a pressure vessel bomb out of it., microwave transformer electromagnet: these instructions will guide you in creating an electromagnet capable of lifting over 50 lbs when powered by a single aa battery. this provides a great introduction to electricity and magnetism as well as an opportunity to learn about microwave o....

Use the microwave for any recipe that calls for braising, poaching, or steaming. just subtract about three-quarters of the cooking time. remember to stir liquids often to redistribute the heat, and always take the food out a minute or two before it's completely done, since it will continue to cook. see more clever new uses:, 4 incredible things to do with a microwave oven motor noskillsrequired. loading... unsubscribe from noskillsrequired? cancel unsubscribe. working... subscribe subscribed unsubscribe 17.3k. loading.

Youtube user mattsawesomestuff has a 3-part video series on just how to salvage the transformer, strip away unnecessary modules, and prepare the transformers for use in your own projects. the ...

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