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Microwave-oven-transformer-input-and-output-voltage, microwave oven transformer high voltage rig: for my first instructable, i decided to make a high voltage power supply out of 2 microwaves. the videos should give you good idea of the final product (i'm using only one of the 2 transformers):. The microwave oven transformer is possibly one of the simplest methods of making some big high voltage arcs, mainly because they are robust, cheap, and easy to hook up., a typical home microwave transformer (mot) has two secondary windings. the low-voltage winding provides 3.1 to 3.2 volts, while the high voltage winding provides between 1800 - 2800 volts (average ~2200 volts). the low voltage output is used to li....

In this project, you'll learn step by step how to modify a microwave oven transformer into a high-current device that can pump out 800 amps of electrical current, which is enough amperage to melt metal. if you liked the metal melter you saw in my previous project, here's how you can make your own!, how to: resonant microwave oven transformer high voltage supply.: okay first of all i feel i should give a little disclaimer. microwave oven transformers are indeed lethal the current and voltage that they put out is more then enough to kill you, the voltage and current they run off will quite happily kill you! mi….

Microwave ovens contain a very powerful high voltage transformer (mot = microwave oven transformer), see photo. a typical output voltage is 2kveff, at around 1000w power. this is equivalent to about 0.5a eff output current @ 2kv eff output voltage. the short-circuit current is even higher., the high voltage (hv) supply was one of the first items to be designed and constructed, and has subsequently been modified quite a few times to become what is now a flexible and reliable source of high voltage and current at the line frequency of 50hz (uk standard), and up to sustained power outputs of 1600w, and peak power outputs up to 2500w..

Investigations on using a salvaged microwave oven transformer (mot) p. wokoun (9/2003) (when you click on a picture, return by using your browser's back button.), how to test microwave oven transformer high voltage hv with a multimeter here i demonstrate how to test a microwave transformer to see if it is working appro.... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

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