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Microwave-oven-radiation-detector, electric field, radio frequency (rf) field, magnetic field strength meter by trifield – emf meter model tf2 – detect 3 types of electromagnetic radiation with 1 device – made in usa by alphalab, inc.. Digital microwave oven leakage meter sold by general electromagnetics after reading reviews of devices (sold on amazon) to check microwave ovens for radiation leakage, i purchased the general electromagnetics microwave leakage detector cem dt-2g to test my old panasonic microwave oven model ne-6960 (600 watts), which i purchased ~1985., brief description this is the most reliable microwave leakage detector. it can be used to verify any leakage from microwave ovens within a few minutes. it is featured with large lcd and leakage volume in dangerous zones will sound "beeping" and a red flashing lamp..

Microwave ovens may leak harmful radiation. leakage occurs around the door, hinges, and seals. the smw-2a microwave leakage detector will detect such leakages., the pro-lab microwave leak detector do it yourself test kit is a laboratory tested product for reliability. this microwave leakage is caused by slamming the oven door, food particles, basic wear and tear. it is safe and convenient to use.

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