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Microwave-oven-installation, check to make sure your microwave can be installed at the proper height. in general the bottom of the microwave should be no higher than 54 inches (140 cm) from the floor. in addition, there should be approximately 20 inches (51 cm) to 24 inches (61 cm) between the bottom of the microwave and the top of the range.. Your microwave's installation kit should come with self-aligning mounting bolts. with your partner still steadying the microwave, go above into the upper cabinet and thread the bolts down through the drilled holes and into the chassis of the oven. as soon as they are threaded, your helper can let go., use an appropriate microwave. a recirculating or front-venting microwave can be installed beneath a counter without any further effort. other types may require more advanced ventilation installation. be aware of the requirements of your model before you begin installation..

Microwave ovens are heavy, and this step calls for a helper or two as you lift the oven into position and secure it. lift the microwave up into position, and feed the power cord up through the hole in the cabinet. hook the lower edge of the microwave onto the wall bracket, then tilt the unit so its back is flush against the wall., lg otr microwave oven – installation [narrator] in this video we will show you how to properly install your lg over-the-range microwave oven. the first step is to measure the cabinet opening. the minimum allowable distance between the cabinets is 30 inches..

If you want to help support shannon to produce more videos like this, visit shannon from, an over the range microwave installation cost is $50-$100 per hour with average being $83 per hour. a homeowner can hire an electrician or a handyman to fix the microwave. a handyman will charge the labor on the lower side while an electrician will charge on the higher side..

Installing the new microwave before proceeding, you need to align the microwave fan to match your exhaust, which will be in the wall or through the upper cabinet. if you don't have an exhaust duct, you can rotate the fan to exhaust at the front of the microwave through a charcoal filter., the best way to set up a consultation or appointment during the covid-19 pandemic is virtually, with no in-person contact. after messaging the appliance repairman, you can ask to set up a video chat or phone call to discuss what work needs to be done..

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