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Microwave-oven-information, a microwave oven (commonly referred to as a microwave) is an electric oven that heats and cooks food by exposing it to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range. this induces polar molecules in the food to rotate and produce thermal energy in a process known as dielectric heating.. A microwave oven is an appliance that cooks or warms up food using microwaves produced by an electronic vacuum tube called a magnetron. the magnetron converts electricity to electromagnetic radiation (the microwaves), which is made up of waves of electric and magnetic energy., a microwave oven is a kitchen appliance that is in nearly every u.s. home — 90 percent of households have one, according to the u.s. bureau of labor statistics. with the touch of a couple of....

Inside the strong metal box, there is a microwave generator called a magnetron. when you start cooking, the magnetron takes electricity from the power outlet and converts it into high-powered, 12cm (4.7 inch) radio waves. the magnetron blasts these waves into the food compartment through a channel called a wave guide., microwave ovens were invented by accident by an engineer named percy spencer when a chocolate bar in his pocket melted while building magnetrons for radar sets in the 1940s. the microwave, which relies on radio waves to work, was theorized by james maxwell clark in 1864, and tested in 1886 by henrich hertz..

In 1986, 1 in 4 us households owned a microwave oven. by 1997, the u.s. bureau of labor statistics reported that a staggering 9 out of 10 american households owned a microwave oven. today most microwaves continue to follow the same short, wide box format popularised in the 70’s., in a microwave oven, the air in the oven is at room temperature, so there's no way to form a crust. that is why microwavable pastries sometimes come with a little sleeve made out of foil and cardboard. you put the food in the sleeve and then microwave it. the sleeve reacts to microwave energy by becoming very hot..

Microwave ovens cook food using waves of energy that are similar to radio waves but shorter. these waves are remarkably selective, primarily affecting water and other molecules that are electrically asymmetrical — one end positively charged and the other negatively charged., panasonic compact microwave oven with 1200 watts of cooking power, sensor cooking, popcorn button, quick 30sec and turbo defrost - nn-sn65kw - 1.2 cu. ft (white) by panasonic $159.95 $ 159 . 95 $179.95.

Editor: the short and sweet answer is that convection microwaves offer the quick cooking features of a microwave with the browning, crisping, and full “cook-through” of a traditional oven. instead of just heating the inside of the food (as regular microwaves do), a convection microwave also browns and cooks the outside of your food.

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