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Microwave-oven-high-voltage-transformer, lg 6170w1d023e microwave high-voltage transformer genuine original equipment manufacturer (oem) part $78.99$78.99 usually ships within 6 to 10 days.. Lg ebj60663802 microwave high-voltage transformer genuine original equipment manufacturer (oem) part, microwave oven high voltage transformer md-801amr-1, slf5. $20.95 +$10.00 shipping. make offer - microwave oven high voltage transformer md-801amr-1, slf5. w10246504 oem whirlpool kenmore estate roper microwave oven h.v. transformer . $19.99 +$15.05 shipping.. Microwave oven transformer high voltage rig: for my first instructable, i decided to make a high voltage power supply out of 2 microwaves. the videos should give you good idea of the final product (i'm using only one of the 2 transformers):, mot. transformer from microwave oven. primary winding (lower, thick wire) 230v, secondary winding (upper, thin wire) 2kv. the few turns of very thick wire wound on top of the secondary supply about 3v at a few a to the magnetron filament..

The microwave oven transformer is possibly one of the simplest methods of making some big high voltage arcs, mainly because they are robust, cheap, and easy to hook up., this hv supply was specifically designed around the use of the microwave oven transformer (mot) as the high voltage part of the supply. mots are very readily available, and have proved to be a strong and robust transformer for this type of supply..

How to: resonant microwave oven transformer high voltage supply.: okay first of all i feel i should give a little disclaimer. microwave oven transformers are indeed lethal the current and voltage that they put out is more then enough to kill you, the voltage and current they run off will quite happily kill you! mi…, microwave oven high voltage transformer for use with the following lg electronics models: lma2112wt, mc156sj, lmh1517cvst, ms214ye, ms217sj, ma2117b, lma2111st refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part offers from top brands.

A typical home microwave transformer (mot) has two secondary windings. the low-voltage winding provides 3.1 to 3.2 volts, while the high voltage winding provides between 1800 - 2800 volts (average ~2200 volts). the low voltage output is used to li...

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