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Microwave-not-heating-intermittently, so the lights on, the fan's running, and the carousel is turning, but only intermittent heating. before you jump in with the magnetron needs replacing, please read on. the thing is, i've found pushing on the door handle or a light 'thump', is usually enough to start the microwave heating when it's not (or stop it sometimes, if it was heating.). New microwave not heating intermittently. jump to latest follow 1 - 4 of 4 posts. w. wvphysics · registered. joined jan 2, 2010 · 93 posts . discussion starter • #1 • may 30, 2017. i recently had an old (about 10 years old) over-the-range microwave stop working. ..., samsung microwave is not heating or has stopped working when a microwave isn't starting or heating, the most common reason is because it is in demo mode. this mode is used on retail showroom floors to show off microwaves without activating their magnetron. the microwave also won't heat if it does not have enough clearance or ventilation..

New microwave not heating intermittently it wouldnt heat anything up, but everything else would work. since the handle was broke and the rest of it had taken a beating i decided to go ahead and buy a new samsung microwave., hi, i have a combination microwave/conventional oven, built-in. the microwave heating is either normal or non functioning. there are no problems with the conventional oven. lights, fan, control...

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