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Microwave-not-heating-after-cleaning, if the microwave runs but is not heating, it could be one of many components. make sure the “timer” function was not inadvertently used. check to ensure the door is closed firmly. close it firmly, but do not slam.. Problem – you attempt use your microwave and instead of heating your food it just makes a buzzing noise. it is likely that it has a defective capacitor. a capacitor is a device that stores electricity. a microwave oven usually has a high-voltage capacitor that is central to the operation of the unit., if your microwave oven is not working properly, here are some troubleshooting tips. if the microwave will not turn on “no power”, this could mean a gfci outlet issue, blown fuse, or a bad door switch.if you have slammed the microwave door, you hear the microwave buzzing but it will not heat, you see sparks in the microwave, or the turntable is not turning, we will show you what to do..

I see alina provided you with good information on your microwave not heating after cleaning the unit. if a fuse was the cause, the display would be blank and nothing would work. microwaves are not good do-it-yourself projects. microwaves are inherently dangerous to service.

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