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Microwave-makes-food-taste-weird, does food cooked in a microwave oven taste as good as food cooked in a conventional oven? no, it does not, according to two american chemists. helen yeo and takayuki shibamoto of the university of .... Microwaves act much more strongly on water molecules, and also heat much faster than ovens. which means often that water will quickly exceed the temperature of the surrounding food and can evaporate, leaving food dry or rubbery., the easiest way to determine whether your microwave is failing is to try to heat a food item. if the microwave doesn’t heat, or it heats more slowly than it should, this indicates that it is ....

The microwave actually heats the fat thats in the food by oscilating them around. think thast the word basically the fats aggitated by the micro wave's used. so yeah think of eating radiated fat. only reason i know this is cause my bro is a health fanatic., just a quick question. when i do chicken breasts, boiled, grilled or in the oven, the taste is nice. but, then i put them in the fridge when i'm done and then the next day i take them out to eat , i don't eat cold food, so i microwave them for about 1-2 minutes, they become pretty nice and tender but the taste is just awful!!!!!.

Besides having an umami-rich menu, ba is also introducing soundtracks to match the taste of the food using noise-cancelling headphones, says spence., when i store leftovers in plastic tupperware and eat them later, i sometimes taste plastic. i do have some glass pyrex containers and they don't leave this aftertaste, but i would like to be able to use my plastic tupperware since i have so much of it..

Microwave heats differently than an oven. all microwaves do is excite water molecules. they emit no heat whatsoever. stoves actually heat the environment around the food, whereas a microwave just excites the water in food, literally evaporating the water in food if heated long enough., language. people praise food that has a descriptive name more than the same food with a lackluster one. for example, herb-crusted citrus-laced fillet of tilapia versus seafood fillet.. I can't eat re-heated chicken (gag!) it either needs to be freshly cooked, or if it's cold, i will put it in a salad. but even then (in the salad) it tastes weird to me.

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