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Microwave-is-loud-and-not-heating, if your microwave has a loud buzzing and food does not warm up, try replacing your diode. part # for my microwave de91-70063d. I was given a microwave that worked for one night and then suddenly stopped. it was making a loud buzzing noise and wasn't heating at all so i decided to see..., if a high-voltage transformer is broken, the operation of a microwave is accompanied by a loud noise and vibration and you can feel the smell of burning and smoke. having this breakdown, the microwave also stops heating products. 2) magnetron. Free repair help for your microwave oven. your microwave is not heating, but you can hear a loud buzzng noise. same-day shipping and hassle-free returns on all appliance parts from partselect. partselect offers free microwave repair help., my ge profile spacemaker 2.0 started to hum a bit louder and now makes no heat. i followed the ge troubleshooting flow-chart and it points to the magnetron, but the resistance checks (continuity pin-to-pin, open pins-to-case & no sign of any arcing or cracks in magnets)..

The microwave is loud and not heating the contents. while operating it emits a strong electrical odor. i’m thinking the magnetron, but open for any suggestions. jeff for model number kemc378kwh0. answer jeff, the most likely cause for the unit to make a loud noise and emit the strong odor would be a bad diode., if your microwave is making an unusual or loud humming noise, you may have a problem with the magnetron. this component is part of the high voltage circuit and provides the microwaves that generate the heat..

A microwave that does not heat up may have a broken magnetron. this is the part that makes the heat to cook the food. if it is broken, it may blow a fuse in your microwave which could lead to other components failing., if your microwave is making a loud humming noise, first check to see if it still heats efficiently. often, the humming noise is associated with a microwave malfunction.

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