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Making-a-chair-rail-heigth-accent-wall, measure the wall according to the length to determine how many lengths of chair rail molding will be needed. to determine the height of the chair rail, measure the height of the ceiling and divide it by three.. The standard chair rail height recommendation is about one-third the height of the wall, but various factors come into play that may affect the height you choose. considering the look you want, the height of the room and the existing architectural features can help you choose the right height., how to cut chair rails at angles. chair rail is a type of profiled molding often used as a type of border or trim above the stairs or at the top of wainscoting that runs up stairs. when the stairs ....

How to install a chair rail. installing a chair rail is a project that you can do yourself with a few simple tools. the original purpose of a chair rail was to guard the wall against damage the backs of errant chairs, but a chair rail can..., when talking about chair rail ideas, it’s not actually talking about a rail for a’s the name of a mid-wall molding which actually has less to do. it’s more about scale and proportion. if you know more about chair rail, knowing how and why it would drastically affect the feel and look of your space..

Learn how to remove a chair rail. remove that traditional molding for a cleaner look for your walls. this easy tutorial walks you through removing molding from the walls without damaging the drywall, plus how to get the walls ready for paint., ask kylie: ‘i have a chair rail, should the walls above and below it be the same colour or a different colour?’ this is a question i get a lot, particularly with the 1990’s homes and the old gals (referring to homes, not women). the chair rail was once a sign of a fancy-schmancy home but nowadays, can just look dated in a home where the goal is to ‘update and modernize’.

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