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Gobi-65-in-microwave-oven, baked gobi 65, an indian style baked cauliflower. learn how to make baked gobi 65 with step by step pictures.. Gobi 65 is a yummy side dish usually served with roti. learn how to make/prepare gobhi 65 by following this easy recipe., restaurant style gobi 65 | crispy cauliflower is a easy and crispy snack recipe, cauliflower florets are marinated with flours and spices and fried or baked to crispy golden brown color.. gobi 65 is one popular vegetarian appetizer. for a vegetarian, it is a must to order appetizer on the restaurants menu, and mostly seen vegetarian starter in a party/ any occasion food..

Gobi 65 recipe - gobi 65 is a delicious crisp fried appetizer made with cauliflower, spices, yogurt and herbs. 65 recipes are quite popular starters in south indian restaurants. they originated from chicken 65. there are many varieties made like paneer 65, aloo 65. they are served as a evening snack or starter along with other south indian foods., gobi 65 is a delicious crispy baked cauliflower. usually it is deep fried here is a baked and broiled version, but no compromise in taste. it can be served as a appetizer or side for fried rice.. Half boil cauliflower in water with 1/2 tsp turmeric powder, keep aside. then mix all the above ingredients with little water to form a thick batter., tandoori gobi or gobi tikka is a dry dish made by roasting cauliflower florets in an oven or tandoor. it is a popular appetizer in india. gobi tikka partly shares its preparation method with the more well known and popular paneer tikka..

A wonderful starter, snack and side- dish too. ingredients: cauliflower - 1 medium - sized (2 cups florets) kasoori methi - 1 teaspoon curd - 1/2 cup ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp. (optional), the baked gobi manchurian recipe is a wholesome and lip smacking recipe that is made from just 1 teaspoon oil. it's packed with flavors from ginger, onion, garlic & chilli sauce.  gobi manchurian is a very popular indian chinese (also known as indo-chinese) dish. typically gobi manchurian is deep fried and becomes unhealthy to consume it often.  but with this recipe, since it ....

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