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Geometic-accent-wall, geometric accent wall. 3 materials. $50. 3 hours. medium. give your wall some dramatic character with this easy to-do accent wall! paint the wall. i started by painting the wall and the baseboard with the color intended for the whole wall. mark the studs.. A painted geometric accent wall is an easy way to add interest to a boring wall. this easy diy painted wall features a modern pattern of abstract triangles in a monochromatic color scheme. it’s so easy to customize the colors to match your home! you might also like this post on how to paint a galaxy mural., we've always dreamed of having a home gym. we set aside some space in the basement for a small gym and finally got around to outfitting it. however, we wanted this gym to have a sweet accent wall so we decided to go with a geometric design. follow along below to see just how we did it..

Start by taping up all the sides of the wall -- that way paint won't bleed into the sides. then really its up to you, how you want to create the geometric shapes. work your way through the wall with the blue tape., geometric accent wall awesome accent wall in one weekend. shonee smith. hawthorne and main . the side entry of our home was drab and had no character. i wanted to add a pop of color to the space without painting the entire wall a bold or bright color. i came up with this simple geometric wall art. you will be surprised at how easy this is to ....

Start painting a 2-3" wide strip within the border of your geometric line and surrounding walls with a small angled paintbrush to create an edge. select a finish that is perfect for the area you're painting by using this guide. 3 pour your paint in a tray and use the roller to apply the first coat., starting with the lightest color, first use a paintbrush to carefully paint the edges of the shapes closest to the tape. use a roller to fill in the shape (the roller will help keep a consistent texture to the wall). remove the tape at a backwards 45° angle while the paint is still tacky. let dry for four hours..

Modern farmhouse aesthetics with a functional side, this wall rack is the perfect piece for kitchens, entryways, and beyond. fill each pot with anything from pencils to peonies, then let its homespun charm do the rest., funky geometric accent wall. via sherwin-williams (click for tutorial) this remarkable geometric design is a nice, masculine twist on the chevron pattern, and gives the opportunity to use more than two colors. it’s busy, though, so keep it to just one wall. diy painted hexagons..

When you're ready to upgrade your living room, home office or other space, create an accent wall. accent walls, also called feature walls, make it easy to turn a dull or boring space into a focal point. use what you have, such as a fireplace or other architectural element, or choose paint, wallpaper or wall art to turn a wall into a statement.

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