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Frigidaire-microwave-not-heating-properly, if you have a frigidaire microwave and it seems not to be functioning properly, you can troubleshoot the unit yourself. however, if your microwave is still not working after you troubleshoot it, bring the unit to a frigidaire service center, as it may need repairs that cannot be solved by simple troubleshooting. step 1. For anyone interested, i did finally fix this. replaced 3 door switches to no avail. further checking while it was apart revealed that the door wasn't closing 100%, so one of the door switches (interlock #2) wasn't engaging. top part of door looked spread slightly, which seemed to be what was... - microwave, jon grella : if the micro is heating, evenif it is heating at a minimal level, thenwe know the low and high voltage side is working. which means the power is being sent properly to the board the fromthe board to the heating components..

Get tips to help you get back to successfully heating meals in the microwave again. there are issues you can correct yourself. transcript if you love to kick..., provides free repair help and troubleshooting for major home appliances. browse repair tips online or request repair help by email. it's free..

My microwave quit heating stuff up, in this video i fix the problem which it was one door switch. thanks to another youtube video that help me to confirmed m...

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